Fresh Rome Apples

Rome apples were discovered in 1817 by Joel Gillet as a tree in a nursery shipment that did not match the others. He gave the tree to his son, who planted it along the banks of the Ohio River in Rome, Ohio. Several years later it was producing red apples.

The parentage of Rome apples remains unclear today. Rome is a cooking apple that has been deemed the “baker’s buddy” for its ability to retain its round shape and tangy flavor during cooking.


How To Use Rome Apples


Baking, sauces, juice

When Can I Find Rome Apples


Stemilt harvests Rome apples in September, and the apple is available through February.


Exterior: Deep to bright red, sometimes slightly striped
Interior: Very firm, greenish-white with a pink tinge
Eating Experience: Deemed the baker's buddy, Rome is a dense, starchy apple with a pleasant tangy flavor that is enhanced through cooking

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Stemilt also grows Rome apples organically under the Artisan Organics label.

Rome Apple Fun Facts

  • Rome apples were first known as Gillett’s Seedling. They were renamed Rome Beauty in 1832 in honor of the township they were born.
  • The original Rome tree survived into the 1850s until it met its demise by erosion of the shoreline.
  • Proctorville, Ohio, which lies in the Rome township, is known as the “Home of the Rome Beauty Apple.”
  • Rome has a great shelf life, is a favorite for cider, and is among the best apples for baking.