Fresh Tosca Pears

Tosca pears are cross between Coscia, an early season pear that originated in Tuscany, and Williams, which is known better as the popular Bartlett pear here in the U.S. Tosca pears are grown extensively in Italy. The majority of Stemilt’s Tosca pears are farmed organically. Tosca is the first pear to ripen in Washington State each summer, coming off the tree in early August. 


How To Use Tosca Pears


Fresh eating, salads, baking, and poaching

When Can I Find Tosca Pears


Tosca pears are a specialty pear and available in August and September.


Exterior: Bell-shaped greenish-yellow skin with an occasional red blush
Interior: Smooth and very firm Creamy white flesh
Eating Experience: Sweet, smooth, and juicy. Tosca is always crisp to the bite and a bit exotic on the taste buds

Look For The Ladybug

Stemilt also grows Tosca pears organically under the Artisan Organics label.

Tosca Pear Fun Facts

  • Tosca pears are believed to be named for the infamous opera by Giacomo Puccini.
  • Tosca will turn from green to yellow when ripe.
  • Use Tosca like you would a Bartlett pear. The two are very similar in shape, size, and flavor.