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Five minutes is all it takes to make this perfect snack!

If you like flavorful snacks that are easy to make, then look no further. This “snack bar in a jar” is our take on the popular mug cake, and combines our perfectly balanced Piñata® apples with a touch of cinnamon and brown sugar in a microwave-safe jar. Once it’s all mixed together, simply pop in the microwave for a minute to cook, and enjoy! Seriously, it’s that simple. What’s even better is that you can prep multiple and cook them up whenever that snack craving hits you hard!

 As a bonus, if you download the recipe video, you will be automatically entered to win a Thermos All-in-One Meal Carrier (to bring your snack bar in a jar with you, of course!) plus a shipment of Piñata® apples straight from our Washington State orchards! The contest is now CLOSED.

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