The Sugar Pear

The origin of Seckel pears is somewhat unclear, but many people believe they are the only true American pear variety. Seckel pears are thought to have originated in the early 1800s as a wild seedling near Philadelphia. However, some experts disagree with this theory and believe that German immigrants traveling westward may have just left seeds behind.

No matter where they came from, one thing is for certain – Seckel pears are a sweet and delicious treat!


Exterior: Chubby, round body, short neck and short stem. Green with deep maroon blush to nearly all red.

Interior: Off-white to pale yellow flesh is slightly more dense and coarse than most other pears

Experience: Deemed the “sugar pear,” Seckels are small in size but boast the sweetest flavor profile of all pear varieties

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Stemilt grows organic Seckel pears under our Artisan OrganicsTM label.

When can I find Seckel ?

Seckel pears have a short season. Find our Washington state-grown Seckel pears in stores from September through December.


Fun Facts

  • Seckel pears are considered the smallest of all commercially grown pears.
  • This pear is also known as the “sugar pear.” Kids especially love the sweet taste of Seckel pears.
  • Just like Forelle, the small size of Seckel pears means they are not recommended for cooking.