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Our favorite time of the year is here,
It's time for World Famous Cherries!

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Cherry Time = Best Time!
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Golden Goodness

Rainier cherries are one of the sweetest sights of summer
I'm a Rainier Cherry Fan!

What’s in Season

The golden cherry with a super-sweet bite

The apple with heirloom roots and a tropical twist

The dark red sweethearts of summer

Meet the sweetest cherry you’ll ever eat

Why We’re World Famous


Generations of Family Ownership


Years of Organic Farming


Years of Farming


Acres for Compost

Our Story Is…

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Mathison Family

…rooted in six generations of Mathison family farmers.

It’s centered on perseverance, innovation, and a commitment to wake with the sun for a day of hard work. Our story is what helps us grow world famous fruits that delight.

The Stem Blog

Smashed Shirley Temple Cocktail/ Mocktail

By: Stemilt Growers

Introducing the new improved Shirley Temple without the tradition maraschino cherry!

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Spiced Cranberry Nectar Poached Pears

How to poach pears

By: Stemilt Growers

Perhaps the best part of poaching pears… other than their delicious flavor… is that they are relatively easy to make

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Plant-Based Burger


By: Stemilt Growers

Nothing says BBQ like a good burger, and this plant-based burger will give ground beef a run for its money!

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Pear Mint Julep

By: Stemilt Growers

Mint juleps are in the family of smash cocktails, a simple combination that’s delicious and refreshing.

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Apple & Pear Mimosas

Apple & Pear Mimosa

By: Stemilt Growers

Sunday brunch just got flavorful! Freshen up your favorite mimosa with Cosmic Crisp® apples and d'Anjou pears!

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BBQ Shrimp, Apple, & Cauliflower Skewers

BBQ Apple, Shrimp Skewers

By: Stemilt Growers

These skewers are our favorite way to take advantage of sunny days.

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