tate mathison

Meet Tate

Tate Mathison is part of the fifth generation of Mathison family farmers, the director of sales at Stemilt, and our farming expert on The Stem, a blog about all things fruit. His grandfather was Stemilt’s late founder Tom Mathison, his father is cherry guru Kyle Mathison, and his older brother is Stemilt president West Mathison.

Tate grew up working in orchards on Stemilt Hill near Wenatchee, Washington, and learned the value of hard work at an early age. Today, he helps direct our sales team, but often escapes to the orchard to help with harvest and the packing line to see and taste the quality of the fruit going into a box.

Just like the generations before him, Tate is passionate about growing the best-tasting fruit, and works hard every day to ensure his family’s tradition of farming continues for many generations to come. Learn more about our what’s happening in the orchard from Tate by subscribing to The Stem blog.

Watch this video to hear Tate talk about his family’s long history and passion for growing fruit.