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Fuji apples were developed in the late 1930s by growers at the Tohoku Research Station in Morioka, Japan. Fuji apples are a cross between two classic American apple varieties - Red Delicious and Virginia Ralls Janet. This variety is often misspelled as Fugi apples.

This apple variety was introduced to the United States in the 1960s. Fans of sweet apples adore it because with 15-18% Brix, or sugar levels, it is the sweetest apple around! Fuji apples are also great storing apples, and because of that, are available year-round!


Exterior: Reddish stripes and slight red blush over yellow background color
Interior: Firm, creamy-white flesh that is fine-grained
Experience: Crisp and very juicy with a sugary-sweet flavor that resembles that of freshly pressed apple juice

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Fuji apples are available under the Stemilt label, while organic Fuji apples can be found under our Artisan Organics label.

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How To Use Fuji Apples

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How To Use Fuji Apples

salad baking
salad baking

Snacking, salads, juicing, baking, and freezing

When Can I Find Fuji Apples

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You can find Fuji apples from Stemilt all year long.

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Fuji Apple FUN Facts

  • Popular opinion says this apple got its name from Mount Fuji, but it is actually named for Fujisaki town (the location of Tohoku Research Station), not for Mount Fuji.
  • One of Fuji’s parents, Virginia Ralls Janet, was cultivated after Thomas Jefferson gifted a Virginia nursery apple cuttings.
  • Fuji apples are harvested by Stemilt in Washington State in September and October.
  • Fuji apples have a long shelf life compared to other apples. Store them in the refrigerator to maximize their freshness.

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