Storage Tips


Oh cherries! Summer’s delicious gems hit the shelves every May through September, so it is crucial to know how to store them the right way to ensure they maintain freshness, quality and flavor while they are in season. We recommend that you eat cherries within 5 to 7 days of your purchase!

The first step to storing cherries the right way is selecting the right cherries in the first place. We can help here.

Storage Tips – Cherries – Image 1
  • After you bring those delish pieces of fruit home, cherries should be stored unwashed and uncovered in the coldest part of your refrigerator. However, make sure to keep them away from strong-smelling foods. When you are ready to eat them, give them a thorough washing under cold water. Avoid placing cherries in direct sunlight or warm areas and remember to periodically check your cherries for decay. One bad cherry can spoil the batch.
  • To keep cherries around for a little longer, don’t hesitate to throw them in the freezer. They taste great as a frozen treat or mixed into a smoothie.
  • If you aren’t sure how to pit a cherry, we have THREE ways for you to try.
  • Homemade Cherry Juice is a great way to use cherries when you have too many and it is healthy treat to have stocked away in the fridge. If they are frozen, thaw them out, throw them into a juicer and voila! Homemade Cherry Juice.

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