The Golden Cherry with Perfect Sweetness

Rainier cherries originated in 1952 after Harold Fogel and other researchers from the Washington Agriculture Experiment Station in Prosser, Washington crossed the Bing and Van cherry varieties. Much to their surprise, the combination of these two red cherries produced a golden yellow cherry with a red blush and incredibly sweet flavor.

Rainier cherries were named after Mount Rainier, the highest peak in Washington state. Stemilt grows two main types of Rainier cherries: Early Robin (first to harvest) and Rainier.


Exterior: Attractive yellow, with partial to full red blush

Interior: Firm, fine and smooth flesh that is almost colorless

Experience: Super-sweet and delicate; sugar levels range from 17-23 Brix

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You can easily find Stemilt Rainier cherries, because each bag, clamshell or other package proudly wears our Stemilt World Famous Cherries logo (PLU #4258). Our organic Rainier cherries are available under the Artisan OrganicsTM label (PLU #94285).

When can I find Rainier Cherries?

The season is short for Rainier cherries. Look for our Rainier cherries from California in May, and our Washington state-grown Rainier cherries in June, July and early August.

Fun Facts

  • The light skin and delicate nature of Rainiers occasionally leaves light brown spots on the skin. This is not a flaw, but actually an extra-sweet sugar spot.
  • Rainier cherries typically grow one to two sizes larger than their dark-sweet cherry counterparts.
  • Rainier cherry trees are often used as a pollenizer for dark-sweet cherry varieties.
  • The mother tree that produced the first Rainier cherries still grows in Prosser, Washington.
  • National Rainier Cherry Day is celebrated on July 11 each year.