At Stemilt, fruit is our world. Come explore.

We are a family of passionate fruit farmers who inspire and delight people through our delicious fruits and sustainable farming practices.

World Famous Apples
Rushing Rivers Pears
The Sweetest Cherries
Organic Summer Fruit
Our Roots

Say Hello to
Tomorrow’s Apples

When you think of tasty apples, think Stemilt – we are all about apples. Our search for the next best apple is always on, and we’re excited to share a few special varieties with you already.

Journey to The Best Place on Earth for Pears

Our Rushing Rivers Pears are grown in Central Washington’s Wenatchee River Valley and Entiat River Valley, where mountain slopes meet pristine rivers and fertile soils. If you were a pear, this is where you’d want to grow.


Stemilt’s founding family has been growing sweet cherries for a century on Stemilt Hill in Wenatchee, Washington. Freshness and flavor is our tradition and our journey each and every day.

Naturally Farmed for Ultimate Flavor

Our entire crop of peaches and nectarines, and the majority of our apricots, are grown and certified organic. Learn how our climate and organic farming practices deliver summer fruits that burst with flavor.

Our roots
run deep

Stemilt is owned and operated by a close-knit family with a rich farming heritage now in its sixth generation. Our founders, the Mathisons, have been farming fruit since 1893. Get to know why we are passionate about fruit.