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We’re Cherry Excited

Our family’s favorite time of the year is here! It’s harvest time for World Famous Cherries.
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Piñata® Apples


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t long for all things tropical? Piñata® brand Pinova cultivar apples please your tropic cravings.
Piñata® has a crisp, juicy bite, but what really gets people excited is its
noticeable yet balanced sweet and tart taste and long-lasting pineapple finish.

Its heirloom parentage makes it one of the best apples for baking (it won’t break down in the heat), but you can’t go wrong with this as a snack or added to a green salad.

Our Story Is…

…rooted in six generations of Mathison family farmers.

It’s centered on perseverance, innovation, and a commitment to wake with the sun for a day of hard work. Our story is what helps us grow world famous fruits that delight.