You’ll Love This Apple’s Juice and Crunch

Meet Cosmic Crisp brand apples, a new apple variety that was bred naturally at Washington State University in Pullman for over 15 years. Cosmic Crisp is a trademark name for the WA 38 cultivar, which is part Honeycrisp and part Enterprise apple. They naturally resist browning when sliced. Look for Stemilt to be the first to share Cosmic Crisp with you in 2020.


Exterior: Reddish-purple with a red-striped blush covering. It is speckled with lenticels that look like starbursts.

Interior: Crisp, fine-grained flesh that naturally won’t brown quickly

Experience: Zippy sweetness, with phenomenal juice and crunch

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Cosmic Crisp apples will be available from Stemilt in 2020.

When can I find Cosmic Crisp ?

Cosmic Crisp apples from Stemilt will be available in 2020.

Fun Facts

  • The name Cosmic Crisp was given to the apple because of its striking lenticels that resemble starbursts in the sky.
  • Cosmic Crisp apples naturally resist browning when sliced, making them a great choice for salads.
  • Cosmic Crisp apples tend to be larger in size than other apples, and are a great keeping variety.
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