What’s in a Name?

There is no place in the world like Stemilt Hill.

Stemilt is a Native American word meaning “coming from the mountains” or “foothills to the mountains.” Surprisingly, it doesn’t come from our founding family (the Mathisons) surname, but rather the Stemilt Hill locale near Wenatchee, WA, where they’ve lived and farmed for more than a century.
Stemilt Hill overlooks the Columbia River and is where lush, green fruit trees reside on hillsides at varying elevations all located against the Cascade Mountains. It’s where the arid climate, volcanic soils, and high-elevation microclimates combine to create one of the best places in the world to grow apples, pears, and cherries.

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In 1964, our founder Tom Mathison gave his new company the name Stemilt because he wanted people—no matter where they were in the world—to know where the fruit they purchased came from. We’re glad he did because now you can associate Stemilt with the ‘world famous’ flavors that we strive to grow each day.

Just in case you were wondering, you pronounce it “Stĕm-ilt.” Say the first syllable “stem” and then follow emphasizing a quick “ilt.”