The Zippiest Apple Around

Pink Lady® brand Cripps Pink cultivar apples (usually referred to as Pink Lady or Pink Ladies) originated in 1973 after John Cripps, a researcher from Western Australia’s Department of Agriculture, crossed the Golden Delicious and Lady Williams apple varieties. The result was a vibrantly pink apple with a unique flavor.

Pink Lady apples were released for commercial production in Australia in 1989 before finally making their way to the U.S. in the late 1990s. It is a trademarked variety, which means growers must obtain a license before they can use the brand name. That means only high-quality apples make it under the Pink Lady Brand name.


Exterior: Attractive reddish-pink blush, with a yellow background color

Interior: Bright white flesh that resists browning when cut

Experience: Pink Lady apples are very firm and dense, with a tart flavor and effervescent finish

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Pink Lady apples are available under the Stemilt label, while organic Pink Lady apples can be found under our Artisan Organics label.

When can I find Pink Lady® Brand ?

Pink Lady apples are harvested in Washington State in October and November. You can find Pink Lady apples from Stemilt from November through July.

Fun Facts

  • Pink Lady is the first apple to bloom each spring, but the last to harvest. It stays on the apple tree longer than any other apple variety.
  • The Pink Lady brand was the first apple with a trademark.
  • The vibrant color and sweet-tart flavor make the Pink Lady brand a favorite apple of kids.
  • Pink Lady brand is the only truly pink apple on the market, and one of the best for sliced apples.
  • Learn about the versatility of Pink Lady apples on our blog.
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