What Are 5 River Islands Cherries?

5 River Islands cherries are grown in the Delta region where the medium climate perfectly accommodates the growing needs of sweet cherries. The warm days and cool nights are combined with an abundance of clean water and flat terrain which contribute to the high quality, dessert flavored cherries. Premium varieties include Lapin, Coral, and Bing which are hand-picked at perfection and carefully packed for you to enjoy in specially marked 5 River Islands™ packages in late May and early June.

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Look for the 5 River Islands™ logo in the produce section at your local grocery store starting in late May to early June. The perfect start to cherry season!

How to use 5 River Islands Cherries

When can I find 5 River Islands Cherries?

You can find 5 River Islands™ cherries beginning in late May and ending in mid-June.

Fun Facts

  • The Delta Region is roughly a 1,100-square-mile region that has almost 60 islands which are created by more than 700 miles of waterways. 5 River Islands™ cherries were named after the five rivers to highlight the beautiful essence of the Delta region.
  • Although the tried-and-true Bing is the primary variety grown in California, the Coral is inching its way closer to the top spot thanks to new plantings of this dessert cherry. Coral is a featured variety in 5 River Islands™ cherry packs.
  • Stemilt has the longest cherry season in the industry. We begin cherries in May and end in almost September.