What Are Moon Cherries?

Moon Cherries are the last premium Stemilt cherries of the season, and come straight from our special high-altitude orchards like Amigos Orchards in Wenatchee, Washington. Surrounded by pine trees and mountains, cherry trees are right at home at this unique locale that sits at elevations between 2,500 and 3,500 feet above sea level – literally a half mile closer to the moon!

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The combination of high altitudes and premium late-season varieties like Skeena, Sweetheart, Staccato® and Sentennial means that cherries grown in locations like Amigos bloom late in the spring and ripen late in the summer.

The days at Amigos are warm, but not hot, which builds high sugars and acids in the fruit. Cool nights follow and ensure each tree has the nutrients it needs to produce large-sized, firm and flavorful cherries.

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Look for specially marked Half Mile Closer to the Moon packs of Stemilt cherries at your grocery store every August. The perfect finale to our cherry season!

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How to use A Half Mile Closer to the Moon Cherries

When can I find A Half Mile Closer to the Moon Cherries?

Look for our special Half Mile Closer to the MoonTM cherries in August each year.

Fun Facts

  • Every 100 foot gain in vertical elevation pushes cherry harvest back one day. That’s why Moon cherries are harvested so late in the summer.
  • The grower of Moon Cherries, Kyle Mathison, is continuing to plant cherries at even higher elevations in hopes of extended cherry season into September
  • Moon cherries are harvested at sunrise. Learn why in this blog post.