Why Pick Kyle’s Pick Cherries?

Kyle’s Pick is Stemilt’s signature program for premium cherries. We reserve our top cherry varieties and largest-sized fruits with dessert flavors for specially marked Kyle’s Pick packs.

After all, those are the exact qualities that Stemilt grower and fourth-generation cherry grower Kyle Mathison strives to grow at his own orchards on the legendary Stemilt Hill in Wenatchee, Washington. Kyle is passionate about growing large, firm and flavorful cherries to build memory and trust with you!

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Kyle’s Pick cherries are grown in beautiful central Washington, where warm days and cool nights combine with volcanic soils to create the perfect growing conditions for delicious sweet cherries. They come straight from locales like Stemilt Hill in Wenatchee, Washington, where premium varieties including Bing, Skeena, Sweetheart and Staccato® are handpicked and immediately hydrocooled to deliver the best-tasting cherries for you and your family to enjoy. Kyle’s Pick cherries are only available for a limited time every July.

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Look for the Kyle’s Pick seal on specially marked packs of Stemilt cherries at your favorite grocery store every July. Learn about our High Altitude Cherries that come from Kyle in August.

How to use Kyle’s Pick Cherries

When can I find Kyle’s Pick Cherries?

Look for our special Kyle's PickTM cherries in July each year.

Fun Facts

  • Kyle travels the world to choose the best cherry varieties to grow and pack in Kyle’s Pick packs
  • The Stemilt compost farm is where Kyle regenerates green waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer to feed his cherry trees that grow Kyle’s Pick cherries
  • Kyle’s Pick cherries ensure you enjoy the freshest, firmest and most flavorful cherries
  • Learn more about how Kyle works to grow fruit that builds memory and trust in this video