The Sweetest Cherry You’ll Ever Eat

Meet Skylar Rae® brand Tip Top cherries, the sweetest cherry you’ll ever eat! This Stemilt exclusive looks similar to the well-known Rainier cherry, but is genetically different, and both firmer and sweeter than other cherries you’ll find at stores.

This cultivar was discovered growing by chance in 2004 by the Toftness family at their Tip Top Orchards in Wenatchee, WA. Usually these chance discoveries can’t be replicated and grown commercially, but this is no ordinary cherry. The brand name of this special cherry was chosen to honor Skylar Rae Toftness, the late daughter of Troy and Kim Toftness.

Skylar Rae® cherries have a glowing orange-red complexion, incredible firmness, and high sugars for a candy-like flavor. It’s rare for any cherry to be both sweet and firm, making Skylar Rae® a unique cherry eating experience for all.

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Exterior: Golden yellow background with a partial to full orange-red blush

Interior: Very firm and smooth flesh that is nearly colorless

Experience: Very sweet and exceptionally firm and crisp. With high sugars ranging from 23-25 Brix, Skylar Rae® is the sweetest cherry you’ll ever eat.

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Look for specially marked packs of Skylar Rae® cherries on bags and clamshells in your grocery store from mid-June to late July. Skylar Rae® brand Tip Top cherries have a PLU (price look-up) number of 3448.

How to use Skylar Rae® Cherries

When can I find Skylar Rae® Cherries?

This special cherry is in season for a very limited time. Look for our Washington state-grown Skylar Rae® cherries in stores from mid-June to late July each year.

Fun Facts

  • The parentage of Skylar Rae® is unknown. Both Rainier and Sweetheart cherries were growing nearby.
  • Tip Top is the patented name for the tree that produces Skylar Rae® cherries. Tip Top comes from the name of the orchard where it was discovered.
  • Stemilt has the rights to grow and market Skylar Rae® cherries in North America.