Cold Farro Salad With Apple and Sweet Potato


There’s a classic Seinfeld episode in which all Elaine wants is a “big salad.” I can relate. I frequently pull together a main dish salad for lunch or dinner and recommend them to anyone trying to get more veggies into their life. But a “big salad” isn’t a good solution if you’re hungry again an hour later and rummaging through the cabinets. That’s why as a dietitian, I always recommend adding ingredients to green salads that contain three key satisfying nutrients: protein, fiber, and fat. This hearty fall salad’s got all three.

One of my favorite ways to add staying power to salads is to toss greens with whole grains. Farro is my go-to grain lately for salads because it’s nutty, chewy, and substantial, and it’s rich in both protein and fiber. A hearty fall veggie like sweet potatoes adds even more fiber and gorgeous autumn color. I used slices of the new brand of apple from Stemilt called RaveTM, which are extra-juicy and ideal for snacking or adding to salads. Walnuts and olive oil offer a dose of filling and heart-healthy fats.

Serve this cold farro salad in a large serving bowl or pack it up as healthy lunches for the whole week: Just layer the ingredients, ending with the greens on top, in 1-quart glass jars, and pack the dressing separately in a leak-proof container.