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6 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Apple

6 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Apple BriannaGrocery shopping wasn’t a regular occurrence for me until I graduated college and joined the “real world.” It was then that I realized that picking out produce can be a little intimidating! What do I look for when choosing this vegetable? How do I know when a certain fruit is ripe? These were all questions running through my head as I navigated the grocery store in my new hometown more than six years ago. Fortunately, learning how to select perfect apples counted as on-the-job training for me, while tips for selecting other produce items came from the employees at my store, and of course, trial and error. I’m still learning today, but feel much more confident about what to look for when selecting each item in the produce department. In this post, I thought I would


5 Apples to Try During National Apple Month

5 Apples to Try During National Apple Month BriannaOctober is National Apple Month, and also the time that we harvest the majority of our apple crop hereĀ in Washington State. There are more than 7,500 different varieties of apples grown worldwide, and in the United States, 100 apple varieties are grown commercially. With flavors ranging from super-sweet to tart, a variety of colors, and a multitude of uses, there certainly is an apple for everyone! To help you celebrate National Apple Month, I thought it would be fun to share five must-try apple varieties and a few of the attributes that make them unique. Fuji: This crisp, juicy, and bi-colored apple consistently has the highest brix, or sugar levels, of any apple that Stemilt grows. The super-sweet flavor of Fuji is reminiscent of freshly pressed apple juice. Fuji apples tend to be


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