Welcome to Inspiration Orchard

Apples have been synonymous with Stemilt for over a century thanks to the Mathison family’s foresight to plant apples under Central Washington’s desert landscape that’s rich with volcanic soils way back in the early 1900s.

Today, apple farming heritage continues at Stemilt with a new twist to bring exciting and flavorful apple varieties to market, including our signature Piñata® apple and the popular Honeycrisp successor, SweeTango®. Inspiration OrchardTM is a place – where flavors grow – because of Stemilt president and fifth generation grower West Mathison’s quest to grow apples that are not only crisp and juicy but full of flavors that deliver a unique and unforgettable eating experience.

It’s an endless journey and we look forward to introducing you to tomorrow’s favorite apples as we go.

There's An Apple for That

There’s an Apple for That

Gala? Pink Lady? Granny Smith? Each apple variety has its own unique flavor, texture, color and cooking properties.

Find out which variety will work best for your next recipe or food pairing at our guide, There’s An Apple for That.