Farm to Fork

Growing Organic Fruit

Organic isn’t just a thing we do, it’s deep in our history and passion. Learn more about our Artisan Organics™ fruits.

Farming Apples

Our apples are grown in special sites across central Washington, where the best apples grow.

Producing Pears

When it comes to farming Rushing Rivers™ pears, it’s all about our pristine river valley locales.

Growing Cherries

The sweetest part of summer takes lots of TLC to get from our farms to your fork.

Farming Summer Fruit

Our entire crop of peaches and nectarines is grown organically.

Health & Nutrition

Apple Nutrition

Yes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Pear Health

Fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants – pears have it all.

Cherry Nutrition

They may taste like dessert, but cherries are so good for you.

Summer Fruit Health

Beyond their juicy bite, peaches, nectarines, and apricots share many common nutrition benefits.

Fruit Storage Tips

How to Store Apples

What’s the best way to store apples? How do you keep them from browning? Get your questions answered here!

Pear Storage

Ripening pears shouldn’t be a hassle. Here, we tell you how to ripen and store your pears to enjoy them at their best.

Cherry Tips & Tricks

This delicious summertime fruit is very perishable. Learn the best way to keep cherries fresh, firm, and delicious right here.

Storing Summer Fruit

Tree-ripened is key for apricots, peaches, and nectarines. Learn other tips for keeping these summer fruits at their peak of flavor.

Fresh Fruits FAQs

General FAQs

Do we grow GMO fruits? What does Stemilt mean? Get your general questions about us answered here!

Organic Fruit FAQs

How can I tell if my fruit is organic? Are organic apples waxed? Get the answers to your organic fruit questions!

Apple FAQs

If you have a burning question about apples, start here!

Pear FAQs

How do I tell if my Stemilt pear is ripe? We share that and more here!

FAQs for Cherries

How do I store cherries? Can I plant a pit? We’ll tell you right here!

Summer Fruit FAQs

How do I pick the perfect peach? Are your summer fruits organic? Let’s get to it!

Our Favorite Recipes

Latest Recipes

Ready to make something DELICIOUS with Stemilt fruits? Let us help you find the perfect recipe for your mood!