The Juiciest Pear Around

The Bartlett pear was discovered in 1765 by an English schoolmaster named Mr. Stair. It is also known as the Williams pear in other parts of the world.

The Bartlett pear variety was first planted in the U.S. in 1799 at the Thomas Brewer Estate in Massachusetts. When Enoch Bartlett bought the estate, he took notice of the pear and decided to introduce it to the U.S. under his own name.

Today, Bartlett is among the top pears in the U.S. Bartlett pears are bell-shaped, with a classic sweet pear flavor and a smooth, buttery texture.


Exterior: Pale green skin that ripens to full yellow

Interior: Very smooth, pale off-white flesh

Experience: Bartlett pears have a classic pear flavor, with abundant juice and a buttery texture

Nutritional Facts Learn more here!

Bartlett pears are available under the Stemilt Rushing Rivers label, while organic Bartlett pears can be found under our Artisan OrganicsTM label.

When can I find Bartlett ?

Look for Bartlett pears from Stemilt from August through January. Bartlett pears are harvested in Washington State in August.


Fun Facts

  • The skin of Bartlett pears brightens as it ripens. Bartlett pears are ripe and ready to eat once they change from green to yellow in color. Learn more about how to ripen pears on our blog.
  • Bartlett pears are considered the best pear for canning.
  • It took nearly 30 years of producing Bartlett pears in Massachusetts to realize that the Bartlett and Williams varieties were one and the same!
  • Learn about the red version of this pear here.