One of the best-kept secrets in the fruit world is apricot nutrition. Vitamins, antioxidants and fiber combine to make apricots one great fruit, from a nutritional standpoint. Eating apricots as part of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is a great way to prevent cancer, lower cholesterol and heart disease risk, promote vision, improve digestion, aid in weight loss and improve skin health.

Like other fruits, the dietary fiber in apricots (one cup of apricots has 3 grams of fiber), increases metabolism, which improves digestion, prevents constipation and can help the body feel fuller, longer to aid in weight loss.

Apricots are great sources of vitamins A and C, and also contain vitamin E and iron. Vitamin A is well-known to help with acne and other skin problems, while the iron in apricots is good news for those with anemia.

At less than 100 calories per fruit, and no fat or cholesterol, apricots are a great healthy snack to enjoy during the summer months.