Health Benefits of Cherry Juice


Cherry Juice 1500pxCherry Juice is the Super Juice!

It’s no secret cherries contain quite a bit of nutritional value. By consuming one cup of cherries, you’re reaping the benefits of natural melatonin, vitamin C, and antioxidants as well as eating a snack that is fat-, cholesterol-, and sodium-free (all under 90 calories, by the way).

Researchers have also discovered consuming cherries in juice form can help you gain those same benefits, plus aid in quicker recovery time from strenuous activities. Reported in a study conducted by the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition, researchers found marathoners who consumed 12 ounces of cherry juice twice a day a week prior to a race found their recovery time was quicker, and they experienced less pain and inflammation versus the group who did not consume cherry juice.

Why is it so Good for You?

Cherries also contain anthocyanins, a group of antioxidants that help decrease inflammation, support the body’s heart and surrounding tissues, and may help prevent certain cancers. Anthocyanins also play a role in improving cognitive function and reduce pain from arthritis and gout. This group of antioxidants can be found in a number of fruits and vegetables, and are responsible for producing the deep red coloring of cherries.

Enjoy these benefits and whip up some of your very own cherry juice from this recipe on The Stem blog.