Kid-Friendly Fruit and Veggie Tips


Tips to Get Kids to Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Childhood obesity is a serious problem plaguing young people in the U.S. As parents, you can do a great deal to ensure your child develops healthy habits from the get-go. Here are some helpful tips to get your child to eat more fruits and vegetables:

    • Make eating fruit and veggies fun for kids! Have them draw a picture with different veggies or put peanut butter between apple slices to make smiley faces. Our kid-sized fruit, Lil Snappers, are great for little ones, and we have a variety of recipes to keep them engaged with the fruit.


    • Reward children with fruits rather than candy.


    • Kids love cheese and crackers! The next time you serve these up as a snack, include fresh pear slices for a nutrient boost.


    • Have a picky eater on your hands? Try “hiding” fruits or vegetables in foods that they like. For instance, add roasted apples to grilled cheese or top spaghetti with cooked spinach.


    • For those super-picky eaters, try serving fruit at the beginning of a meal and separate from other foods, just like an appetizer at a restaurant.


    • Go shopping with your children and let them pick out a new fruit or vegetable to try.


    • Use a cookie cutter to cut fruits or veggies into fun shapes. Both apples and bananas are relatively easy to slice. For inspiration, read this blog post on “3 Creative & Healthy Kids Snacks.”


    • Make sweet potato fries for kids instead of French fries. They’ll love the flavor and get a healthy dose of antioxidants.


    • Instead of buying ice cream bars, stock the freezer with juice bars made from 100 percent juice for a quick summer treat. Better yet, let the kids help you make popsicles with ice cube trays.


Most importantly, parents must set a good example for their kids by eating fruits and vegetables. If you eat your entire plate of broccoli, chances are they will too!