kyle mathison

Meet Kyle

Kyle Mathison is a fourth-generation grower who passionately farms Stemilt cherries (and apples and pears) atop Stemilt Hill in Wenatchee, Washington, the same locale that his ancestors homesteaded more than a century ago. Kyle is the son of Stemilt’s late founder, Tom Mathison, and the father of current president, West Mathison and director of sales, Tate Mathison.

Kyle gets up each day with one mission in mind – to grow world-famous fruit. For Kyle, being world famous is a journey, not a destination. Throughout his journey, Kyle goes above and beyond to ensure that each piece of fruit picked from his trees looks and tastes fantastic. He feeds trees with homemade, nutrient-rich compost, plants the right varieties for the right locales, takes great care when harvesting fruit, and even watches the lunar calendar in order to produce the most flavorful fruit.

Kyle is not short on passion. His dream is to extend the cherry season so that people can enjoy cherries anywhere, almost anytime. He farms cherries in Washington State every July and August, and defies cherry-growing protocol by growing cherries at high elevations. He even “vacations” on his cherry orchard in Chile during the winter months to be able to harvest cherries a little longer.

Kyle’s passion for growing cherries and his commitment to sustainability has earned him great recognition. He was named Cherry King in 2008 and was OTA’s Organic Grower of the Year in 2013. But what is the greatest joy Kyle gets from farming cherries? That’s simple. It’s producing great-tasting cherries that build memory and trust with you.

Watch this video to learn how Kyle works to grow fruit that builds memory and trust.