• 2 Stemilt apples
  • 1 cup of peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips
  • 2 tablespoons of unsweetened coconut flakes

Drizzle and pile on favorite toppings, and a good snack becomes an extra-special treat—and still a healthy one too!

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  • Yield
    8 servings
  • Prep time
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    Snacks, Side dish


  1. Slice two apples and arrange the slices in a circular pattern on a plate.
  2. Fill a small zip-top baggie with peanut butter and snip a small hole in one corner.
  3. Squeeze the nut butter from the bag onto the apples.
  4. Sprinkle with mini chocolate chips and unsweetened coconut flakes.

Optional additional toppings: Caramel sauce, Melted chocolate, Granola, Slivered almonds, Mini marshmallows, Butterscotch or peanut butter chips, Raisins or other dried fruit, Blueberries, Candy sprinkles, Sunflower Seeds

    Nutritional Information

    Per Serving

    • Calories: 224
    • Fat Content: 16.8g
    • Cholesterol Content: 0mg
    • Sodium Content: 150mg
    • Carbohydrate Content: 14.5g
    • Fiber Content: 3.4g
    • Sugar Content: 9g
    • Protein Content: 8.3g