4 Red, White & Blue Cherry Recipes


The Fourth of July holiday and celebration is happening this week, and what better way to celebrate than with a blog post filled with red, white, and blue themed recipes made with sweet Stemilt cherries, which are undoubtedly one of America’s favorite fruits! The deep, ruby red color of red cherries (like the Bing cherry) make them stand out in recipes, while their sweet flavor is perfect for adding natural sugars to a dessert or balancing out savory bites. Whether you are cooking for a crowd on the Fourth of July or enjoying a relaxing day at home, these delicious cherry recipes will make celebrating this patriotic day even sweeter!

Red, White & Blue Sweet Cherry Bites: 

Chocolate covered cherries make for a simple dessert recipe, and these patriotic themed white chocolate covered cherries are perfect for Fourth of July festivities. This cherry recipe is a great one to feed a crowd with, so keep it in mind if you are in charge of dessert at a potluck or BBQ. View full instructions in this blog post.

Blue Cheese & Cherry Cracker Spread:

A simple spread is a great appetizer to bring when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. Though not blue in color, this particular spread relies on the flavors of blue cheese (or bleu cheese) and fresh cherries to make it a patriotic dish. Since you won’t be spending tons of time making this recipe, consider making a red, white, and blue “flag” that identifies the spread you are serving, similar to this Pinterest find.

Layered Cherry & Blueberry Cake:

This versatile recipe can double as a breakfast parfait recipe or a simple dessert recipe to feed friends at a small gathering. Sweet cherries and fresh blueberries add the necessary pops of red and blue to this dish, while a simple homemade icing (or Greek yogurt if you go the parfait route) makes up the white in this dish. Check out Lorie’s blog post here to make this delicious Fourth of July dessert recipe.

Sweet Cherry & Blueberry Pie:

Cherry pie is a classic all-American dessert, and this eHow recipe takes patriotism to a whole new level. I recommend substituting fresh, sweet cherries in place of sour cherries and cutting the amount of sugar you use in half (or more, depending on your sweetness preference). This red, white, and blue dessert recipe will have all of your guests talking this July 4th!

Now it’s your turn…what red, white, and blue recipe will you be making this Fourth of July? Tell us in the comments below! You can also download our free 4th of July recipe eBook  for more inspiration. Happy 4th of July!