Back to School Kids Lunch Ideas


It’s hard to believe that it’s back-to-school time already. Although I won’t personally know what it is like to send a child to school for a few more years, I imagine that getting your school age child out the door with a filling and healthy lunch that they will actually eat and enjoy is added work. In this post, I thought I’d share a fruit-inspired lunch idea for every day of the week in hopes of making the crazy back-to-school time a little less hectic on you.

Monday: Rolling into the Week

Most of us grocery shop once per week (usually on the weekends) making Monday a great day for including lots of fresh fruits and veggies in your child’s lunch. For today’s lunch, try our Apple Wheels Sandwich, which features sliced turkey, fresh apples all sliced up, cheese, and lettuce on a whole wheat bagel. Don’t forget to add your child’s favorite condiments (like mustard or hummus). Complete the meal with a healthy veggie-inspired side, such as bell pepper slices or homemade kale chips.

Tuesday: Time for Tuna Salad

For today’s lunch, make our Tuna & Apple Salad, but instead of putting it in the apple cups as we suggest, spread it in between two slices of whole wheat bread (it’s easier to transport). Include the leftover apples (sliced up with a bit of lemon juice on them to prevent browning), and carrot sticks with a Greek yogurt-based ranch dressing for dipping.

Wednesday: Classic Ham & Cheese with a Pear Twist

Pears are fresh off the tree and in season during the back-to-school timeframe, so today’s lunch idea includes this kid favorite. Use this Ham, Cheese, and Pear Panini recipe for inspiration, but skip the grilling part as it won’t hold up well in a packed lunch. Bartlett pears are a great choice for back-to-school timing. Round out this meal with sliced cucumbers and an orange.

Thursday: Mini Pizzas & Mini Apples

I’ve incorporated a lot of fruit into the entrees of lunch this week (can’t help myself) and so today, I’ll share one of the go-to lunches for my toddler. It’s ideal to prep this the night before! Lightly spread pizza sauce (or tomato paste) on a whole wheat English muffin (or no-pocket pita) and top with your child’s favorite pizza toppings (like cheese, tomatoes, and basil). Bake each side until cheese melts, put in a container, and toss in in the lunch box the next day. What kid doesn’t like cold pizza? Bring in the fruits and veggies on the side with a Lil Snappers kid-sized apple, celery sticks, and almond butter for dipping.

Friday: Simple PB & Apple Roll-ups

If you’re like me, then by Friday, you have run out of steam for all meals. Make Friday easy on yourself by serving up this Apple & Peanut Butter Roll-up. Include leftover kale chips, carrot sticks, and a string cheese to finish this lunch (and your week of lunch-making) in minutes.

These healthy lunch ideas featuring Stemilt apples and pears provide kids with great “brain food” as they get back into the swing of school. For more lunch box ideas, download our free Lunch Box Buddies printable now.

I’d love to hear about your go-to kids’ lunches! Please share in the comments below.  Happy Back-To-School!