Here at Stemilt, we are always on the hunt for potluck dishes. And with it being cherry season, it only makes sense that we find a recipe that incorporates our big, tasty, World Famous dark-sweet cherries.

Stemilt’s dark-sweet cherry season starts in May in California and wraps up in September with our high elevation orchards in Washington State. Stemilt’s founding family, the Mathison’s, have been growing cherries for over a hundred years in Wenatchee, Washington, so needless to say, they know how to grow some delicious dark-sweet cherries.

While many of us typically snack on cherries straight from the bag, its always nice to have a tasty potluck dish tucked away in our back pocket for that perfect backyard occasion and these Cherry Cheesecake Bars fit the fill.

Our friend Chelsea, from A Duck’s Oven whipped up this recipe and we’re sure glad she did. Just think about it – a buttery, graham cracker crust (yum) that holds a delicious cheesecake filling which is topped with delicious, gooey, sweet dark-sweet cherry mixture. Hungry yet? We are.

Just like a cheesecake, this recipe takes a little time to set in the fridge. After making the graham cracker base and cheesecake filling, the cherries require a little time on a stovetop to achieve that perfect flavor and texture. When making the cherry mixture, patience is key as that will really bring out the essence and consistency you want for the top of this dessert.

Before you head to the grocery store, check out the video below to see just how easy it is to make these Cherry Cheesecake Bars for your next potluck! Enjoy!