Easy Apple Egg Carton Craft


The leaves are turning and starting to fall from trees, the air is crisp, and the temperatures keep cooling. There’s no doubt that the fall season has arrived in Washington State! Last weekend, I was able to enjoy a rare rainy Saturday while visiting family on the west side of the state (or “wet” side as many eastern Washingtonians call it). With not one, but THREE kids (my niece and nephew joined in on the fun) under age 5 to entertain indoors, I thought we’d better pull out a craft of some kind to keep the little hands busy. This easy apple egg carton craft is my combination of a few Pinterest ideas, and definitely did the trick!

Eggs are among the staple foods in our house (my toddler loves them!), and so I have quite the collection of empty egg cartons. Rather than recycling all of them, I try to save one now and again and find ways to reuse them. This easy apple egg carton craft is great for keeping young kids occupied for a bit, and most of the supplies can be found at your home so you don’t have to venture out during a rainy day.

What You’ll Need:

  • Empty, clean egg carton (I used two different brands but found the Eggland’s Best cartons to form an apple shape easier/with less cutting)
  • Scissors
  • Red paint (tempera or washable)
  • Green construction paper
  • A tree branch/stick from outside
  • Pipe cleaners (any color works)
  • Hot glue

How to Make an Apple from an Egg Carton:

First, cut each row of the egg carton out and cut into “cups”. You may need to trim part of the “legs” of the egg carton in order to make them even. Group a pair that fits well together and give to your child to paint the entire outside red (or whichever apple color you choose). This part can get quite messy!

Once they are finished, allow the paint to dry completely. Meanwhile, have your kids make a worm out of the pipe cleaners. You can choose different colors or the same like I did. They should twist the entire length of the pipe cleaner together. Then, fold in half and twist those together to make a plump worm. Make a worm for each apple you are making.

Cut a small green leaf out of the construction paper. Make one leaf for each apple you are making.

Once dry, use hot glue to glue the two halves of the egg carton together. (Note, you can also cut a slit between a pair of egg cartons, paint, let dry, and then fold together. I did this and it worked very well). Let it dry and then wiggle the worm through the two remaining holes. Poke a small stick into the top for your stem, hot glue in place, and then add another dab of hot glue to place the leaf on the back of the stick. Repeat for remaining apples until finished.

This apple egg carton craft is not only easy and fun for a range of ages, but makes for great fall decorations for your home. Enjoy!