If you’re looking for a fun and impressive way to serve pears for dessert this fall, try these Hasselback Pears created by our Kitchen Council member, Holley Grainger.

I’ve always been interested in hasselback potatoes and sweet potatoes both from their accordion-like presentation to their crispy edges and tender insides, so when I saw Cooking Light’s Hasselback Apples last month, I decided it was something that could easily be done with Stemilt’s delicious Rushing Rivers pears and had to give it a try.

If you aren’t familiar with the hasselback technique, it is when you take a single ingredient like a pear, apple, potato, or sweet potato and make vertical slices at very thin intervals cutting to but not through the other side. As the hasselback bakes, the layers being to spread and resemble an accordion or an armadillo leaving the perfect amount of space to drizzle butter, cream, yogurt, or other toppings. In fact, the origin of the hasselback can be traced to a Swedish restaurant called Restaurant Hasselbacken that created this potato presentation style.

My favorite thing about an apple crumble or pear crumble is the golden brown pieces that poke out of the top of the dessert combined with tender and sweet bites underneath. This is exactly what I get with my Hasselback Pears because each slice crisps while remaining tender on the inside resulting in the perfect single serving dessert bite after bite. I love how the cinnamon-sugar glaze melts between the layers and pairs with the crunchy oatmeal-walnut topping. For a festive presentation, dollop the pears with cinnamon-sweetened whipped cream or Greek yogurt or vanilla ice cream.