How to Make a Sweet Apple Smoothie


One of my favorite ways to get multiple servings of fruits and vegetables at one time is to blend them into a smoothie. It takes a little bit of prep work and a little bit of time for clean-up, but the delicious, nutritious, and on-the-go meal addition makes it so worthwhile (as does the fact that my child puts green smoothies and a bowl of ice cream in the same category!).

Let me let you in on my best-kept secret: Stemilt apples are the best base ingredient if you are making a smoothie or squeezing fruits/veggies into a juice blend. Because apples grow all shapes, sizes, and qualities on the tree, it’s best to find a bag of apples (like our Apple Lover packs) to make smoothies or juice with. You don’t need the perfect apple when you are blending/juicing, and buying in larger pack sizes lets you get more apples for the best value! The apples inside our Apple Lover packs come from our orchards in Washington State.

Whether you are a seasoned smoothie maker, or just starting out, the following video shows you how to make a basic smoothie using sweet apples, carrots, celery, mango, lemon, and a couple of other simple ingredients. Apples are the perfect base ingredient to any smoothie or juice recipe because of their ability to add natural sweetness, fiber, and frothiness to your drinks.

Watch the video below and then browse our collection of smoothie recipes. Happy Blending!