SweeTango Apples: 3 Simple Snacks {Video}


SweeTango® apples are back in season! This special apple available from select growers (including Stemilt) is only around for a short time each season, and is among my top choices when grabbing a fresh apple to eat during these early fall months.

You might be familiar with SweeTango from this blog post, but in case you aren’t, here’s the background: SweeTango apples were born back in 2000 at the University of Minnesota and their famous apple breeding program. David Bedford, the apple breeder who discovered Honeycrisp, used natural cross-pollination methods to create what we now call SweeTango apples. To do that, he needed a mother apple (Honeycrisp) and a father apple (Zestar). The combination of the two apples resulted in an apple with a unique flavor and incredible crunch. In fact, SweeTango has extra-large structural cells so when you bite into it, the membranes (or flesh) will shatter, resulting in one loud crunch!

SweeTango has quickly become one of my favorite apples to bite into and its honey-sweet flavor with tang and fall spices makes it a real treat every fall. You’ll find SweeTango apples in stores from August through November across the U.S. and Canada. Stemilt’s Washington-grown SweeTango apples appear in grocery stores all along the West Coast.

SweeTango apples make one incredible snack all on their own (I’m actually eating one as I write this post), but also pair well with sweet, savory, and even spicy flavors to make a complete snack. I wanted to show you just how easy it is to jazz up a SweeTango apple for your daily snack and so we whipped up this video to show you how to make three snacks for whatever flavor you are in the mood for – sweet, savory, or spicy. Watch the video below for three new SweeTango apple snack ideas!

First up, is SweeTango apples on cracker rounds with Brie cheese, agave nectar, and fresh rosemary. This savory pairing will even earn kudos from the kiddos for a special after-school snack. Next up is the snack for those with a sweet tooth. Dip SweeTango apples in a plain, Greek yogurt, cinnamon, and almond butter spread and then roll the apple in granola for added crunch. Finally, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, enjoy apples with an extra flavor kick in our spicy snack creation which features SweeTango apples dipped in a lime-agave nectar mix topped with cayenne pepper and chili powder.

Looking for more SweeTango apple inspiration? Download our free recipe eBook for these three snack recipes and more ways to use this special apple. Be sure to share your own recipe ideas for SweeTango in the comments. I’d love to hear what you are making!