Whole Wheat Cherry Hand Pies


With Father’s Day this weekend, the holiday is in our minds. Instead of having dad do all the grilling, surprise him with these delicious cherry hand pies from Sally Kuzemchak of our Kitchen Council.

I may be a registered dietitian, but I adore dessert—both eating it and making it. I grew up on my mom’s home-baked desserts, and now I love to whip up from-scratch sweets for my family too.

Pies are one of my favorite things to bake because they’re total crowd-pleasers. Individual hand pies (sometimes called turnovers) are a fun spin, transforming pie into something that’s portable and versatile. Hand pies are as welcome at breakfast as they are after dinner, and these Whole Wheat Cherry Hand Pies would make a particularly special breakfast for Father’s Day.

These pies feature Stemilt’s dark sweet cherries, which are in season right now. They’re juicy and sweet, just right for pie filling. Don’t worry if some of the cherry filling oozes out of these hand pies while baking—it gives them a deliciously rustic look. I also used white whole wheat flour in this recipe because it’s lighter in color, taste, and texture than regular whole wheat flour (find it right alongside the other flour in the baking aisle).

To make a batch of these for breakfast, just make and refrigerate the filling and pastry the night before, then assemble and bake them in the morning.