Our founding family settled in a special place called Stemilt Hill in Wenatchee, Washington over a century ago. Stemilt is a Native American word meaning “coming from the mountains” or “foothills to the mountains,” and Stemilt Hill is the unique locale in central Washington where the Mathison family has lived and farmed since 1893.

After following the gold rush out West, Thomas Cyle and the first generation of Mathison family farmers homesteaded 160 acres in a high-elevation region that overlooks the Columbia River and town of Wenatchee, Washington. The family started a subsistence farm in order to keep the land. By 1914, they planted their first 10 acres of fruit trees. Thomas knew that apples, pears and cherries would be right at home in the high-elevation microclimates and rich volcanic soils that Stemilt Hill offered.

In 1964, third-generation farmer Tom Mathison chose Stemilt Growers to be the name of his newly founded fruit-growing, -packing and -shipping company. He believed people should know where their food was coming from, and to honor that belief, named the company after the great locale where his fruits originated.

Today, the Mathison family continues to farm atop Stemilt Hill, and the locale remains among the best in the world for growing our world-famous cherries.

The uniqueness of our company name makes it a difficult one to pronounce. To say “Stĕm-ilt” correctly, emphasize the first syllable “stem” and then follow with a quick “ilt.”