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Recipes You’ll Love That Are Great For You and The Planet

What does eating sustainably look like? One way is to upcycle items you already have in your pantry. What’s been pushed to the back of your fridge or hidden behind various containers in your cupboards? Before going out and buying new, take a moment and look around to see what ingredients you already own. These are the key elements to a delicious, simple and sustainable meal.

Registered Dietitian and Instagram influencer, Kara Lydon, shares easy recipes for meals and snacks made from ingredients often found in your kitchen including folded-up quesadillas with Fuji apples, cinnamon blended baked oats with Pink Lady® apples and a spiced yogurt parfait with d’Anjou pears. Next time you’re tempted to run to the store, try one of these recipes and the planet will thank you!

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Upcycle Your Pantry Staples—Eat Sustainably