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Ambrosia apples were discovered in 1987 as a chance seedling growing on the Mennell family's orchard in British Columbia, Canada. The parentage of the apple is Golden Delicious and Jonagold. Most chance seedlings aren’t viable for commercial production, but Ambrosia was different.

The name Ambrosia means "Food of the Gods" and fans will assert that the apple's delicate sweetness is quite the treat. Stemilt harvests its crop of organic Ambrosia apples in September.


Exterior: Attractive bi-colored apple with a fluorescent pink blush over a creamy yellow background
Interior: Crisp, fine-grained flesh that remains white even when sliced
Experience: Juicy with a mild sweetness comparable to Golden Delicious with a subtle pear essence

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We grow Ambrosia apples organically. You'll find organic Ambrosia apples under our Artisan Organics label.

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How To Use Ambrosia Apples

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How To Use Ambrosia Apples

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Snacking, salads, juicing, baking, and freezing

When Can I Find Ambrosia Apples

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You can find Ambrosia apples under Stemilt's Artisan Organics label from September through February.

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Ambrosia Apple FUN Facts

  • Ambrosia is a low-acid apples, which means it is easier on the stomach.
  • Ambrosia apples resist browning when sliced, making them a great choice for salads.
  • Wilfrid Mennell, who discovered the apple, chose the name Ambrosia. It means “Food of the Gods.”
  • Ambrosia apples debuted at the annual Apple Festival in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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