granny smith crisp with lemon-like tartness


Granny Smith apples originated in Australia in 1868 when Maria Ann (Granny) Smith found a seedling growing by a creek on her property. This was the same place where she would toss French crab apples grown in Tasmania. The seedling bore light green colored apples that Granny Smith propagated. She found the new apple to be great for both cooking and snacking.

Washington apple growers began growing this apple commercially in the late 1960s. Today, Granny Smith is one of the most well-known apple varieties around, known for its bright green color and tart flavor.


Exterior: Green with a slight pink blush if cool nights precede harvest
Interior: Firm, medium grain, bright white flesh that resists browning when sliced
Experience: Firm with strong tartness resembling that of a lemon and this famously green apple is bound to make your mouth water

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Granny Smith apples are available under the Stemilt label, while organic Granny Smith apples can be found under our Artisan Organics label.

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How To Use Granny Smith Apples

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How To Use Granny Smith Apples

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Snacking, salads, juicing, baking, cooking and freezing

When Can I Find Granny Smith Apples

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You can find Granny Smith apples from Stemilt all year long.

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Granny Smith Apple FUN Facts

  • In 1891, Granny Smith won the prize for cooking apples under the name Granny Smith’s. Seedling at a horticultural show in Australia.
  • Granny Smith is one of the best apples for baking pies.
  • All Granny Smith apples are cuttings from the original Smith tree in Sydney, Australia.
  • When cool nights precede harvest, Granny Smith apples may develop a rosy pink blush.
  • The Granny Smith Festival is held annually in Eastwood, a suburb of Sydney to celebrate the apple.
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