Fresh Honeycrisp Apples

Honeycrisp apples were discovered in 1960 as part of the University of Minnesota’s apple breeding program. Through traditional cross-pollination, fruit breeder David Bedford successfully crossed the Macoun and Honeygold varieties to form this now prized variety.

It takes years to prepare a new variety for commercial production, but Honeycrisp apples finally made their way onto the scene in 1991. Today, Honeycrisp apples are one of the most sought after apples in the U.S.


How To Use Honeycrisp Apples


Snacking, salads, and baking

When Can I Find Honeycrisp Apples


Stemilt harvests Washington apples like Honeycrisp in September. Our Honeycrisp apples are in stores from September until February each year.


Exterior: Blushed scarlet over a yellow background
Interior: Creamy white flesh that is uniquely course
Eating Experience: Juicy with a refreshing sweetness similar to fresh apple cider. Just like the name implies, Honeycrisp apples are crisp with a unique texture that fractures cleanly with each bite

Look For The Ladybug

Stemilt also grows Honeycrisp apples organically under the Artisan Organics label.

Honeycrisp Apple Fun Facts

  • The Honeycrisp apple is the official state fruit of Minnesota thanks to petitioning from students at Andersen Elementary School in Bayport, MN.
  • Honeycrisp apples benefit from a good shelf life when stored in cool, dry places.
  • Honeycrisp is the mother apple in another successful new apple variety developed by University of Minnesota, called SweeTango®.