Red Delicious Apples

The Red Delicious apple variety was discovered in 1875 as a chance seedling growing on Jesse Hiatt’s farm in Peru, Iowa. Thinking it was a nuisance, Hiatt tried to chop down the seedling, but the tree grew back repeatedly. On the third time, Hiatt allowed it to grow and produce apples.

In 1893, Hiatt took his apple, called Hawkeye, to a fruit show in Missouri. Following the show, Stark Brothers Nursery purchased the rights to market the apple and renamed it Red Delicious. Today, the classic coke-bottle shape and color of Red Delicious makes it one of  the most well-known apple varieties in the United States.


Exterior: Deep to bright red, classic apple shape and sometimes slightly striped
Interior: White to buff-colored flesh
Experience: Red Delicious apples are an American classic with mild sweet flavors and only a few notes of acidity

How To Use Red Delicious Apples


Snacking and salads

When Can I Find Red Delicious Apples


Red Delicious apples are available from Stemilt every month of the year. They are harvested in Washington State in the fall.

Look For The Ladybug

Red Delicious apples are available under the Stemilt label, while organic Red Delicious apples are sold under the Artisan Organics label.

Red Delicious Apple Fun Facts

  • Red Delicious was the winner of a competition Stark Brothers Nursery held to replace the Ben Davis variety
  • Stemilt harvests Red Delicious apples in Washington State in September and October
  • Despite having similar names and both being apples, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples are not closely related
  • Apple growers in Washington State have been producing Red Delicious since the 1920s




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