Organic, Super Sweet and Smooth

White nectarines have a smooth skin and are creamy-white on the inside with a red-over-white exterior. Just like their yellow counterparts, white nectarines are very closely related to peaches. The only difference? A gene that causes fuzz is not present in nectarines like it is in peaches.

White nectarines also have a more delicate flavor than yellow nectarines. White nectarines are super-sweet, with low acid levels. All of Stemilt’s white nectarines are grown organically in Washington State.


Exterior: Red blush to full red over a pale background; sometimes mottled depending on variety

Interior: Light yellow to white flesh, with red streaks around a single stone

Experience: Very sweet and smooth; the firm skin becomes slightly softer when it’s ready to eat

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Stemilt grows its white nectarines organically under the Artisan OrganicsTM label.

When can I find White Nectarines ?

You’ll find our Artisan Organics white nectarines in stores from late August through mid-September.

Fun Facts

  • Lower acid levels mean that white nectarines are a great choice for those with sensitive stomachs
  • A smooth and fuzz-less flesh means that white nectarines are very delicate and highly susceptible to bruising.
  • The history of the nectarine is unclear in the U.S. Some say the USDA introduced the fruit in 1906, while newspaper references have the fruit growing in New York prior to the Revolutionary War.
  • Nectarines still naturally occur as bud mutations on peach trees.