Very Sweet and Smooth

Just like their name implies, white peaches have a creamy white interior, with a red-yellow exterior and fuzzy skin. White peaches differ slightly from their yellow counterparts in both appearance and flavor. White peaches are sweet and smooth, with low acid levels. They are also quite delicate.

Peaches are native to China and have a long history in Asia, but white peaches are relatively new to the U.S. scene.

At Stemilt, white peaches are organic peaches. We farm all of our white peaches organically in beautiful Washington State.


Exterior: Velvety "peach fuzz" skin with red blush covering much of the pale yellow background

Interior: Creamy white flesh, with red streaks around a single stone

Experience: Very sweet and smooth due to lower acid levels than yellow peaches

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Stemilt grows its white peaches organically under the Artisan OrganicsTM label.

When can I find White Peaches ?

You’ll find our Artisan Organics white peaches in stores from mid-August through mid-September.

Fun Facts

  • Lower acid levels mean that white peaches are a great choice for those with sensitive stomachs.
  • White peaches are more delicate than yellow peaches. They also tend to ripen faster.
  • The sweet flavor of white peaches makes this specialty fruit a standout in recipes.