Organic and Bursting with Sweetness

Nectarines are one of summer’s best treats! A yellow nectarine has a bright yellow-orange flesh that is covered by a smooth, red-yellow skin.

Nectarines are actually a cultivar of peach. In fact, there is only one gene that separates peaches and nectarines – the one that causes the fuzz! Nectarines have a smooth, fuzz-less skin, dense flesh and tangy-sweet flavor. Genetic studies have shown that nectarines are slightly smaller and sweeter than peaches.

All of Stemilt’s nectarines are organic nectarines, grown in beautiful Washington State.

Yellow nectarine image


Exterior: Red blush to full red over a yellow background; sometimes mottled depending on variety

Interior: Bright yellow-orange flesh with red streaks around a single stone

Experience: Very sweet and juicy with mild acidity

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Stemilt grows its yellow nectarines organically under the Artisan OrganicsTM label.

When can I find Yellow Nectarines ?

Nectarine harvest starts for Stemilt in Washington State in mid-July. You’ll find our Artisan Organics yellow nectarines in stores from July through September.

Fun Facts

  • Nectarines are drupes, or fleshy fruits with a stone. Cherries are also drupes.
  • Nectarines belong to the same species as peaches. They are not a cross of two fruits.
  • Because nectarines don’t have fuzzy skin, they bruise more easily than peaches.
  • Yellow nectarines can be clingstone, where the flesh clings to the pit, or freestone, where it separates from the pit. Stemilt has both types.