Organic Peaches Bursting with Flavor

One of the best flavors of summer is a juicy, tangy-sweet yellow peach. Yellow peaches are yellow-orange on the inside, with a deep-red blush exterior and fuzzy skin. There are many varieties of yellow peaches, each grown to fit a certain climate and harvest window.

Peaches are native to China, but the name “peach” comes from Persia, which cultivated the fruit and eventually transplanted it across Europe. The French introduced peaches to the United States, where many states continue to grow the fruit today.

Stemilt’s yellow peaches are organic peaches. We farm all of our peaches organically in Washington State.


Exterior: Red blush to full red over a yellow background; sometimes mottled depending on variety

Interior: Bright yellow-orange flesh with red streaks around a single stone

Experience: Very sweet, with mild acidity and abundant juice

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Stemilt grows its yellow peaches organically under the Artisan OrganicsTM label.

When can I find Yellow Peaches ?

Peach harvest starts for Stemilt in Washington State in mid-July. You’ll find our Artisan Organics yellow peaches in stores from July through September.

Fun Facts

  • Yellow peaches can be clingstone, where the flesh clings to the pit, or freestone, where it separates from the pit. Stemilt has both types!
  • Sweet Dream is one of Stemilt’s most popular peach varieties. This freestone variety is available in August and early September.
  • True wild peaches are only found in China. The fruit is small, sour, and very fuzzy.
  • The peach tree is considered to be the tree of life in China.
  • August is National Peach Month.