7 Delicious Recipes for Spring


I think I say this about every season (except winter), but spring is my favorite time of year. Plants are blooming, birds are chirping, and warmer weather drives us all to spend as much time as possible outside. At my house, cooking simple, light, and quick meals has become a big priority as of late, simply so that everyone can enjoy all that this wonderful spring season has to offer. To help you celebrate the spring season, I’ve put together a list of 7 delicious recipes inspired by your favorite Stemilt fruits. Some fit perfectly in that quick-and-easy recipe category, while others are better reserved for special occasions (like Easter or Mother’s Day). All are delicious and perfect for enjoying on any spring day.

7 Delicious Recipes for Spring:

1. Apple & Cherry Upside Down Cake

Cherries are coming soon making this dessert recipe all the more appealing.

2. Kale, Spinach & Apple Chopped Salad

Kale salads are my personal go-to dinner side. Add grilled chicken to this dish and you have a complete meal, with some leftovers for the next day.

3. Pear Pizzette

A gourmet appetizer or perfect light dinner that comes together pretty quickly and tastes amazing.

4. Apple-Coconut Quinoa Cereal

Make a big batch of this healthy breakfast cereal to re-heat and enjoy on those busy spring mornings.

5. Apple & Cherry Chutney on Brie Toasts

Another fun appetizer to make for springtime gatherings, like Mother’s Day brunch.

6. Apple, Papaya, and Celery Salad

Simple and bright, try this unique salad with zesty Pink Lady apples.

7. Broccoli & Apple Salad

The perfect healthy salad to munch on all week for lunch, or to serve as a side for any springtime dinner.

What’s cooking in your kitchen this spring? Tell us in the comments below!