Apple Shamrock Smoothie + 4 More Healthy Green Snack Ideas


We’re lucky to grow not one, but TWO delicious fruits that can help you create snacks inspired by the color green for St. Patrick’s Day. Classic sweet-sour Granny Smith apples and sweet and juicy d’Anjou pears are not only the right color for March 17th, but they are also at the peak of flavor this time of year.

Last weekend, my family celebrated an early wake-up call by my toddler son (thanks daylight savings time!) with a trip to our favorite restaurant for breakfast. It was a great treat that left us all very full, and craving a light lunch a few hours later. A refreshing green smoothie was the perfect solution – filling enough to get us to dinner time, but full of goodness to balance out the heavy breakfast we had consumed. With this blog post in mind, I used my new shamrock shaped cookie cutter on a crisp Granny Smith apple and other fresh ingredients I had on hand to create a festive Green Apple Shamrock Smoothie. Simple and ready in minutes, it’s a great one to blend up for your own St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Get the recipe and then read on for more healthy green snack ideas for St. Patrick’s Day featuring our favorite green fruits.