Healthy One-Dish Meal: Roasted Harissa Apples and Squash


Coryanne from our Kitchen Council is taking us to North Africa with some fantastic spices in this one-dish meal. We hope you enjoy!

Over the last few years you may have noticed my passion for spice – whether it be adding smoked cinnamon to my pear crumble or ground ginger to my smoothies, I love it when fresh food plays with heat and aroma. Of all my family meals, there is no better love letter to spice than this Roasted Harissa Apple and Squash dish served with Israeli Couscous. It brings bold flavor, a heat that radiates only if you are generous with the spice and a sweetness that fragrances every bite thanks to Piñata® apples. It is a simple and healthy one-dish meal but does require undivided attention at the end while you prepare the spinach, couscous and skillet at the same time.

The sweetness of the apple, the nuttiness of the squash, the bitter green of the spinach and the soft bursts of creamy goodness from the couscous were meant for Harissa. When selecting your Harissa, look for the best quality ground spice you can find, as it will have the bright bouquet of aroma that is needed to make this dish come alive.

From my kitchen to yours, may all your dinners make your taste buds dance like this one does.