Stemilt’s Pie Baking Masterclass


Traditions are a big part of the holiday season, and to me, no tradition says ‘the holidays are here’ quite like making pies. Growing up, I spent many holiday-eve’s watching my mother effortlessly make pies from scratch. Apple, pumpkin, cherry, chocolate creme, you name it and she could and would make it. As I grew, so did my pie baking assistant responsibilities; morphing from being asked to stay out of the kitchen completely, to pie filling tester (the best job!) and eventually the coveted role of pie crust pincher. My mom truly taught me the art that is making pies.

Looking back, I think she utilized me as her assistant to prepare me to become the go-to pie maker in the family as an adult. It’s a role I’m proud to assume and now that my kids are old enough to be considered for the role of pie filling testers, I can already tell that pie baking will be the holiday tradition I’m most proud to carry on with the next generation.

All that said, while baking pies is near and dear to my heart, I’m by no means an expert at it. We know that many are in the same boat and wanted to be the ones to help you master the art of pie baking. Enter our first-ever Masterclass! Whether you are a person that finds pie making daunting or the seasoned baker looking to hone new skills, the Stemilt Pie Baking Masterclass will teach you each component of making an apple pie so that you can become the go-to pie maker in your family too!

Your Masterclass instructor is Elizabeth from The College Housewife. She must’ve been promoted through the pie baking ranks early on in life because she is already making pie baking look as effortless as my mom does. In this Masterclass, Elizabeth takes you through three video tutorials to make the perfect apple pie (using Piñata® apples of course). She shows you how to form and roll out pie dough, mix up the perfect filling, and finally, shows you how to top your pie with a few artistic techniques. In just 20 minutes, you’ll not only have the skills to make an apple pie, but also a new recipe to wow your family and friends with.

Enroll now! Stemilt’s Pie Baking Masterclass is free and waiting for you to join.