6 Romantic Recipes


While chocolate, strawberries, and wine are the main foods you think of for Valentine’s Day, apples and pears also have their place in the mix! In this blog post, I’m sharing a few Valentine’s Day fruit recipes from the past to help inspire any romantic meals made at home. From heart-shaped pears to apple roses and decadent chocolate desserts, these 6 recipes are perfect for spoiling your sweetheart on the most romantic day of the year.

  1. How to Make Chocolate Dipped Apple Slices: Surprise your kiddos with the simple and sweet afternoon snack of chocolate apple slices. In this step-by-step tutorial, I share how to make different variations of chocolate apples in no time at all. I highly recommend using an apple on the tart side, like Pink Lady®, in order to balance out the sweetness from the chocolate melting wafers.
  2. Pear Heart Tarts: This savory and sweet tart recipe is made with Bosc pears. Its unique elongated shape makes it ideal for filling in the pastry dough-made heart. The sweetness of the pear balances out salty prosciutto and cambozola cheese. And don’t let the looks of this recipe fool you – it’s actually quite easy to put together.
  3. Apple Roses: For the more skilled baker, these apple roses are worth a try. They are as beautiful as they look, and taste fantastic too. You’ll love the apple pie flavors and your sweetheart will love the time you spent making this delicate treat!
  4. Heart Apple Pies via The Cupcake Chronicles: While perusing Pinterest, I found these adorable Heart Apple Pies from The Cupcake Chronicles. This is a great option if your child’s school allows homebaked goods as I haven’t met a kid yet who doesn’t love the classic flavors of apple pie.
  5. Chocolate Mousse Poached Pear Tart: Long before she joined our Kitchen Council, Jennifer from Savory Simple made this stunning poached pear with chocolate mousse using our Bosc pears. This one will take some time to make, but the results will have your Valentine raving about you all year long.
  6. Apple Upside Down Cake: Although we typically think of pineapple when we think of upside down cake recipes, this version uses apples and is equally as delicious. I highly recommend using Stemilt’s signature apple variety, the Piñata® apple, for this cake because it has balanced notes of sweet and tart with a tropical (pineapple!) essence. Whatever you decide, your honey will love the simplicity of this dense cake.